The Soul

Well, what is it, exactly? Will we ever know? What is this unseen thing that we call the soul

Is it an entity that is separate from the body, and if so, how does it connect? Does it connect? Is the body a home for the soul? Is there a purpose to it, if it exists at all? What would be the purpose, and where did it come from?

These are all questions that have been asked for centuries. Our goal is to journey through space, time, and beyond and to acquire knowledge from reliable sources that help us to answer these questions. Some people have spent their entire lives searching for answers, never reaching the point of certainty of whether a soul truly exists. Some have written entire books on the subject.

What kinds of questions come to mind when you consider it? Does it extend beyond the physical in life? In death? If you contemplate it for even a little while, it is truly phenomenal that there could be this thing, this soul within us. Is it a figment of our imagination? Something we tell ourselves exists so we can cope with the world? And if not…if it truly exists…

What is it, where is it, and WHY?

What are your thoughts on the soul?

Please feel free to leave us comments. Your comments are very welcome as we travel on this journey together.



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